Friday, 13 October 2017

Oct Sponsor Sin City - Butterfly Love by Cathy Frailey

Hello everyone!  I’m here to show of this incredible rubber stamp set from Sin City Stamps.  And it is aptly named – Love of Butterflies - love, love, love the butterflies!!

I got this set and was blown away! These are awesome, gorgeous, beautiful – and any other adjective you can think of!  They come in one rubber sheet that you have to cut apart so I set about snipping away and started to play around a little.

First, I want to show you what the stamps look like stamped on regular white paper because the things I’m playing around with and the different backgrounds won’t have the same effects.

 Aren’t they gorgeous!?  Music and butterflies melded together.  All kinds of sizes and designs!

I had a scrap of cardboard that I painted black, then used a fork to make swirly designs.

I then chose the next size down from the largest butterfly and did 3 different prints. The first one I rubbed pearlescent crackle paste on.

The second one I used my gold stamp pad, and the third I embossed with a coppery glitter powder.

As you can see , the stamp picked up the texture of the carboard and the swirlies.  Then, it was time for color and here’s the result!

It’s a great size butterfly stamp (2.5” x 3.5”) that takes any type of media as you can see.  Even though the stamp has writing, it is versatile with different types of media for different results!

I chose to stamp the rest of the set onto watercolor paper to fool around with my oil pastels.  A couple of stenciled sentiments and it was complete – easy!

I really enjoyed using this stamp set from Sin City Stamps – they have a wide variety of stamps in all types of styles. You’re sure to find at least one thing that you simply must have!

Cathy x

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  1. Great stamps and I love how you roughed up the cardboard.


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