Thursday, 21 September 2017

Pick N Mix Week 5

We have a weekly challenge on the Mixed Up Mixer Facebook Group called Pick N Mix, the aim of which is to create a deck of inspiration cards. Each week I pick a prompt at random and create an ATC-sized card using that prompt. When I'm done, I will have a pack of 52 creative prompt cards for when my mojo takes a hike.

This week I pulled out the prompt 'Print with bubble wrap'.I love bubble wrap for mark making and it's something I often use on my journal pages. 

(In the photo you can see my card backs, and a printable version of these can be purchased from my Etsy store for your convenience.)

Here's a brief step out:

I had a play with the new Americana Premium for this project - and rather nice they are too! I added blobs of Hansa Yellow Light, Diarylide Yellow and Quinacridone Red onto my ATC (I was a bit heavy handed - you don't need nearly this much!). A teeny blob of each is plenty.

Use your fingers to spread and blend the paint. Continue working the paint until you have a nice blend. This paint has a reasonable open time so you can work it for a bit without a gesso undercoat.

Stamp in black all over (stamp by Prima). Use permanent ink.

Spread some Translucent White paint thinly onto a craft mat. Press bubble wrap into the paint then 'stamp' the texture onto your ATC (use a light touch so you don't get messy blobs).

Add a really thin wash of the yellow paint to blend the white back into the rest of the background colours.

Stamp the flower (PaperArtsy) and ink the edges to finish. I stamped the flower heads on a scrap of patterned paper and went over the stems with Posca pen to make them stand out a little.

Please come and join us - we'd love to see what you make!

Katy x

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