Monday, 31 October 2016

Bonus Blog Project with this month's FREEBIE!

Monique Van Dijk has made this fantastic canvas using the FREEBIE that comes with Issue 2  - a stunning digi image drawn for us by the wonderful artist Rick St.dennis. Isn't it fantastic that Rick has supplied this fantastic freebie for us? You can see more of his images on his Etsy and Zibbet stores.

Here's how Monique created her canvas:

Products used:
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Snow White, Lamp Black, Desert Turquoise, Saffron Yellow, Jack O’Lantern Orange, Vivid Violet, Multi Surface Neon Pink
  • Stencils by DecoArt: Pixelated, Honeywire, Andy Skinner Whirlpool, Urban Ink Seadog
  • DecoArt Media Gesso - White
  • DecoArt Americana  Decou-Page - Napkin
  • Digi “Where’s the Party” by Rick St.dennis
  • Inkadinkado Stamp: Modern Flower 
  • Kaisercraft Stamp: Bubble Wrap
  • Canvas board 29.5cm x 24cm

For this canvas board I printed the digi 25cm high. I coloured it and cut it out (you can cut off the whiskers and the wire the spider is hanging on and draw them on your canvas after gluing the image down, that makes life much easier!).

For the background:
1) Gesso both sides of the canvas (this prevents it from warping).
2) Paint the canvas Saffron Yellow (make sure every layer of paint is dry before adding the next).
3) Use the Honeywire stencil and the Jack O Lantern Orange, then the Whirlpool stencil and the Vivid Violet paint.
4) The next layer is the stencil Pixelated with white paint (I think white gives depth).
5) For the sentiment I used an Urban Ink stencil called Seadog and black paint. First decide where your image will be and then decide where you want to put the words. If the image covers some letters it doesn’t really matter, your mind fills in the blanks - I wanted to use the name of the digi. I made the image 'stand' on the word 'party' so it is not floating on the canvas.
6) Next I used the Bubble Wrap stamp withNeon Pink paint and the flower stamp with Desert Turquoise paint.
7) Use Decou-page or gel medium to glue the image to the canvas (I used the speciality Napkin Decou-page because it works well with thin paper). Add the Decou-page under and over the image, work from the inside out so you can push any air bubbles and and wrinkles out.
8) Finally, I added some Vivid Violet around the edges of the canvas to finish it.

Huge thanks to both Rick and Monique for their contributions to this issue - what an enormous pleasure to work with them both.

I'd love to see what you make with your digi, so please post a link or share your make on our Facebook page.

Warm wishes,
Katy x

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